Friday, September 26, 2008

The Arrival of Brenda

Brenda is newly arrived in the UK, having jetted in from the US. I received these photos showing her arrival and subsequent meeting with Constance. Apologies to Ciara as I wrongly attributed the last entry to her brother and was soon set straight! The next blog is like an episode of Neighbours (angst ridden sitcom) crossed with Changing Rooms (home makeover programme)... jealousy, rivalry and interior design ! Words and pictures provided by Emily.
I am currently working on an FTB calendar so there's still time to submit your photos to be included. So far Fred, Ethel, Wally, Constance, Hairy Hank, Herman and Clarence have their own month so hurry with your high resolution photos.
Constance and Brenda meet for the first time outside Constance's house.

Constance is jealous of Brenda's good looks so turns her back on her, but deep down she wants to be her buddy.

Brenda is hurt by the rejection and seeks solace in a nearby bush. Constance feels guilty for being so mean and pleads for forgiveness. (She is not particularly fond of heights either)
Brenda accepts Constance's apology and they make their way back to Constance's house. Brenda being quite the confident American discusses plans to spruce things up a bit Brenda style. (Could she be the next Laurence Llewellyn Bowen ?)

After an hour of huffing and pouffing the two monsters admire their handy work.
It's been a long day but finally they both get some sleep, from rocky beginnings they have forged a monster friendship.

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