Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beauford's MIniature Donkey Debut

Beauford has been adopted by a miniature donkey enthusiast and has taken to the sport like a duck to water. Thanks to Sarah for the pictures and if you are wondering why your pictures haven't made it to a blog, apologies I have a bit of a backlog but rest assured they'll be coming soon. If you haven't already subscribed, you can now become a follower of the blog and will be notified each time there's a new blog and other news. So please do !!

Beauford makes his debut at the Coastal Oaks Miniature Donkey Show. It was 112 degrees the first time he came out to play so he tries to find a spot of shade as he was previously living in a cooler climate .

Beauford finds a donkey he can actually ride at his neighbours house.

Beauford makes his miniature donkey show debut with the National Champion and his owner Sarah. He has the job of giving pep talks to calm the Champion's nerves.

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