Friday, September 12, 2008

Herman The German

Herman makes his first appearance on the FTB blog and does so in style. He has been to Austria and his owner Sophy has provided both the pictures and accompanying text so a big thank you. Austria seems like a very nice holiday destination with plenty to see and do.

I hear that a few of the FTB's will be going to Paris together as Ethel visits the home of fashion with a few of her friends. As part of the marketing for the FTB revolution I have some exclusive FTB postcards which I will be happy to send to readers of this blog. Please send an email to and I will send you some as a thank-you for supporting me and the FTB's.

Meet Herman the German suitably renamed for this trip seeing as Austrian's speak German. Herman is staying in two locations on this trip: Bad Hofgastein and then Bad Ischl.

Herman takes a look at his home for the first week of his trip, which includes the beautiful church spire and backdrop of the Alps.

Bad Hofgenstein Park. Herman rides a giant chess knight while his owner Sophy plays against her sister. Herman is very excited about the next two weeks !
Herman looks down on the town from the mountainside.
Halfway up the mountain, Herman sees a bird who seems strangely silent to him !
Krimmler Wasserfall ( Krimml Waterfall in English!) Herman tries not to get wet at the highest waterfall in Europe ! It is so powerful, the spray from it goes everywhere !
Dorfgastein Solarbad ( Dorgenstein outdoor pool in English!) Herman loves swimming in this little warm pool at the outdoor swimming complex in the heart of the mountains ( The Alps) but like his owner, Sophy, he is not brave enough to try the much bigger cold pool!

Grossglockner Berg' (Grossglockner Mountain in English!) Herman loved visiting the ice glacier at the summit of the tallest mountain in Austria, but was suprised the glacier didn't melt in the blazing sun! Gmunden' Herman looks across Lake Traunsee to the
other side of Gmunden, and a beautiful mountain.

The Home of Mozart' Herman enjoyed visiting Mozart's House and the Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg. He thought that this water fountain was very pretty.

Wolfgangsee' Herman sits at the bow of the boat looking out over Lake Wolfgangsee, and giving instructions to Sophy on how to drive the boat better.

'Zauners' Herman hangs out at Zauners, THE place to go in Bad Ischl (only the best is good enough for a perfectionist like Herman!). It is a Konditorei (coffee and cake place - they are everywhere in Austria) which sells delicious traditional Austrian cakes. (Yum!)

Zauners' Herman makes freinds with a native snail.
'Zauners' Herman befreinds a chocolate hedgehog.

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