Monday, September 8, 2008

Wally in Le Havre, France - Part 1

Wally has had a very busy Summer, you may recall he took in and brought back to health the fairy bear in his last blog. In the first of a two part blog Sophie reveals what he's been up to in France. Wally is obviously a keen horticulturalist who appreciates the finer things in life and isn't afraid of a bit of an adventure. Thanks to Sophie for her terrific pictures and captions. Only one question did the fairy bear get left behind ?

Wally arrives at La Mesangerie just outside Le Havre In Normandy,France where Sophie's grandparents live.

He is amazed at the variety in colour!

He is impressed by the number of different plant types!
Wally gets in a fix as he tries to ring the old fashioned door bell.

He is overwhelmed by the choice of refreshing drinks after his long journey. What should he choose?

Wally meets the handsome ginger cat,Chpounz who invites him to nap with him but there is much to explore...

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Anonymous said...

This report is quite interesting !Wally had such a chance to visit this charming house, built during the 16th century ! She was so gentle during her staying that she is warmly invited to come back as often as she wants to ! She will be welcome to visit more places in Normandy.