Friday, June 18, 2010

Wally in Wales Part 1

Wally one of myall time favourite FTB's is back again in another action packed adventure consisting of two parts. The creative Miss Sophie Teasdale has provided both the story and photo. Check the archives for Wally's previous adventures. Thanks Sophie. Don't forget to comment if you like what you read !

As Wally's old friend, Lilia the fairy bear is away on family visits Wally anticipates a lonely stay in the welsh countryside.

 Wally visits Dinefwr Park and Castle. He is impressed at the size of Newton House near the castle.

King of the castle, Wally stands on the mini version of the castle. Impressed, he can't wait to see the real thing.
Eagerly Wally struggles through the field, determined to overcome all sorts of obstacles including bits of snagged sheep's wool.

However he soons gets frustrated and decides it will take too long to get to the castle. He takes a high seat to catch a glimpse and is disappointed to see a ruin.
Wally aimed too high as he miscalculated his way down and fell into the local sheep's drinking trough. An unlikely rescuer arrives on the scene.
The observant snowman steers the recovering Wally out of the way of a sticky lump of sheep pooh.
As an escape from anything sheep they both enjoy a not so slippery slide down the inside of a tree trunk.

On the way home they marvel at the simple beauty of the forest of waving buttercups in a field.

The pair tuck into a tea time of welsh cakes while getting to know each other. Wally realizes his holiday isn't going to be so lonely after all....