Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ethel goes to Spain - Part 1

Although I hadn't heard from Ethel since her fashion trip it seems that in between her hectic schedule as a fashion designer she's managed to get away from it all for a bit of rest and recuperation. These are her latest pictures, she made sure she was wearing SPF50 so that she wouldn't burn her flawless skin.
Ethel and co-ordinating towel on the beach.
Ethel spies some fashion disasters in the swimwear department. "Too tight, too bright,no, no,no" she mutters under her breath. She regrets leaving her sunglasses behind.
Ethel doesn't show much enthusiasm when it comes to sand castle building. She enjoys managing others.
After a hard day at the beach, Ethel stops by at the Churreria to some hot chocolate with churros. She is on holiday and is not calorie counting !

Thanks to Ciara Hughes for her fantastic portraits, stay tuned for part 2 of Ethel's Vacation coming soon. If you have been on holiday with your FTB don't forget to email me some pictures to: