Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sky, Ethel and Constance In Lanzarote

It seems like Summer is finally over but here are Sky, Ethel and Constance to remind you of warmer times.
The intrepid threesome pack their carry on luggage. There is no time to waste at the airport waiting for luggage on the conveyor belt so they pack only the essentials.
One complimentary drink and a packet of nuts later and they are in Lanzarote.

 No sooner have they arrived at the hotel the girls hit the beach.
Brenda isn't really much of a sun worshiper so she strolls off in search of adventure but with the beating sun doesn't get very far.

Meanwhile Sky has overheated and finds a rock from which she can dive bomb into the pool.
 That was the plan but rocks can be slippy and she ends up close and personal with a relative of the cactus family.
 Fortunately Ethel witnessed the incident and comes to her rescue.

Constance meanwhile has secured a pink inflatable to match her outfit, with the help of a rather over friendly frog. The ladies are not amused, by the frog that is.
The following day the clouds have rolled in so the girls decide on a bit of sightseeing.

Their tour guide is having a hard time, the girls were not expecting such a big hike and are exhausted by the time they reach the summit. To be honest the tour guide hadn't expected it to take that long either.

As the sun goes down over Lanzarote the girls still have an hour to go before getting back to the hotel. "Now who's bright idea was this?" says Constance. Sky and Brenda merely sigh, it's going to be a long walk......

Thanks to Ems for the action packed pics. Nice work.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Herman the German in Cornwall

Herman the German has been on the move once more. Sophy has documented his trip with both photos and words. It looks as though it was a bit chilly !

Herman sets off on a rainy day to walk (or more like swim) through the mud to see Gribbin Daymark, which has saved many a  sailor's souls.  Herman hopes he won't need rescuing by anybody, though he might need a blow-dry when he gets home!
At last, somewhere to shelter.  He's thinking it might be best to stay there and let the humans tackle the steep stairs up the 84ft tower to the exposed roof!
Herman relaxes at an almost deserted Porthluney beach as dusk descends on the Cornish coast.
The next day, he decides to be rather more active and take a cycle ride along the Camel Trail cycle path from Padstow to Bodmin. 
Along the way, he stops for a well needed rest at a tiny railway halt, hidden amongst the greenery and almost unused. 

Herman visits the Eden Project, hoping that he can finish the holiday by warming up and drying off inside one of the tropical biodomes!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bea and Marlene in the Far East

Holiday time for these lucky FTB's
 Bea is up bright and early doing her morning dips, she likes to keep in shape even when on holiday.
As she wonders down for breakfast she spots the tour group boarding the bus. She frantically yells at Marlene who is still snoozing to get a move on or they will be left behind.
Marlene is not good in the morning and somehow finds herself in the storage area of the hotel.

Bea manages to find her in the knick of time and drags her to the minibus.

They arrive at some beautiful ornamental gardens where they find a passerby to snap their photo.
Bea opts for the waterfall close-up even if it means getting a bit wet. Marlene is happy to keep her distance.
After a lot of walking the intrepid duo sneak a quick nap before rejoining the tour group. "They'll never miss us." says Marlene who is still reeling from the rude awakening this morning.

Not long after, they board the bus and head back to the hotel and revitalize with some snacks, ready for their next adventure.

Thanks to Dad and Ah-Kioeuk for taking the buddies on holiday to Indonesia.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Troy at the Motel No Tell

Troy had heard from his surfer buddies that there was a new place in town called the Motel no tell so he thought he'd check it out.

Troy finds a room full of boards, he makes his way over to look at what Kelly Slater rides. It's a bit shorter than his one.
Nike he is saddened to discover does not make shoes in his size.

Each of the room's has a different theme, he doesn't get much of a chance to look around before he is wrestled by a giant cat who just want's to be friends. Troy has heard this line before and has seen The Lion King so he searches desperately for a chance to escape.
As luck would have it, her ex-boyfriend is none too happy that his lady appears to have taken a shine to Troy and promptly whips away the competition. (He still has feelings for her.)

Troy is dropped off at the cat pillow. "Let this serve as a warning to you says the ex, these two were not so lucky." Troy is left a little bewildered to be honest but the menacing tone left nothing unclear. He must leave immediately. No problemo.
As he looks around him it seems that the room is littered with strange mutated figures.
Troy spots the legendary wrestler, the menace of Venice. What happened to you? he asks. "There was a paarty and the next thing I knew I woke up like dis." This place is not what it seems. Troy feels the need the need for a speedy exit.

Troy spots the elephant in the room. He uses his charm to negotiate a ride out of this strange place where everything is not as it seems. Does he make it out....... stay tuned.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Leonard in New Zealand Part Deux

Leonard's back. It was only a matter of time before his itchy little feet grew restless. Following a successful stint as chief vintner he embarked upon a journey that was more than he bargained for.

All aboard, Leonard settles in for a busy day of fishing.

He struggles to control the pole and the fishing reel but quitting is not in Leonard's nature so he tries his best.
Less indicative of Leonard's fishing skills, he manages to persuade a roaming crustacean to stop by for a beer. Fast forward an hour or two and it's all Mr. Crustacean can do to make it to the bucket. Leonard steadies him as.... well we'll leave that to your imagination.

Mr. Crustacean bids a fond farewell as it is past his curfew and the Mrs will be wondering where he's got to. Leonard feeling emboldened by the beer climbs to the top of the life saver and does a rendition of "My heart will go on" (Yes, even FTB's have seen Titanic). The boat suddenly lurches due to a freak gust of wind and Leonard is flung into the air blissfully unaware that he is no longer on the boat.
Mr Crustacean fortunately is still in the vicinity and gives him a ride to the nearest shore. Wet and a little bewildered Leonard tries to get his bearings.. He is certainly a long way from home.
He stumbles along and finds a deserted stretch of sand and lo and behold his favourite thing in the world, a rope swing ! In no time at all Leonard is singing away and back to his happy self, content to just be free.

Thanks to Sam for the great photos. They are definitely amongst some of my favourites.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wally in Wales Part 2

Wally is back in Part 2. If you missed part 1 click here.. Apologies for the delay in posting things have been a bit hectic. I am excited to report that FTB's have been spotted in China, Hong Kong and Indonesia with another trip to the far east scheduled for September. Troy will be back with tales from the Nike 6.0 no tell mo tell. Stay tuned .....
Big thanks to Sophy for her wonderfully imaginative Wally tale.

Wally shows his new friend the cottage in which he is staying however the curious snowman is very eager to explore the land around it.
The emotional events have opened up Wally's appetite. He quickly gobbles down a large bowl of porridge before meeting his friend outside
The pair begin an arduous uphill hike in high spirits as they admire the brilliant colours of the surrounding nature.

The hike seems to get harder and harder. Wally and the snowman lose eachother in what Sophie has renamed the Thorn Jungle.
They finally find each other at the top of their uphill struggle. Pausing for breath they admire the Welsh hills and beautiful view.
Seeing as there is plenty of day light left, the pair hitch a car ride and cool down on the pretty Oxswich beach.

 Spying the unattended life boat in the distance Wally and his friend hope for a ride but unfortunately the tide is too far out.
 After arriving further into the mainland a curious rabbit takes a liking to Wally and inspects him to see if he is edible.
 After taking their leave from the rabbit the pair take a cart ride back home.
Wally hops off the ride on the way to rinse off a bit of rabbit dribble with the spray from a nearby waterfall.
The awe inspiring water seems to have softened his brain and he asks directions on the way out.

Having finally returned from their busy excursion it is already time for the adventurous pair to leave.
A little sadly they say goodbye to the Welsh countryside view though secretly knowing more adventures are bound to come their way.