Monday, September 15, 2008

Constance in Ireland

Constance has been holidaying in Ireland but it was not be an uneventful vacation. Her owner Emily has done a fantastic job of recording her stay there and I have taken a bit of artistic licence with the text. Enjoy.

Constance boarding the plane to Dublin, she is a bit worried as her owner looks like being the last to board and she really doesn't want to miss the flight.
Constance is relieved to arrive at Dublin airport but where o where is her luggage ?
Constance can only look on as her fellow travellers wheel their suitcases into the Ramada hotel. What is a hairstylist to do without her tools ?
Constance tries to relax and not think about her misfortune at the meeting of the waters.

Thankfully Constance doesn't need her sunblock or towel at Bray beach. If there's one thing to make Constance smile it's shopping. Fortunately she had travel insurance so she is able to replace some of her missing items one of which is her Frizz Ease. What is a girl to do without straightening irons ?

At the heather fields Constance is glad to not have to encounter another living soul.
The sheep don't seem to mind Constance's frizzy hair, there's no way she's putting her snaps up on facebook that's for sure.
Constance gets a phonecall at the Ramada inn asking her to appear at the local police station. Her suitcase has turned up.
But wait, Constance's baggage it seems contained some Hair Dye which is on the prohibited item list. It seems Constance's suitcase was blown up at Gatwick Airport as a precaution and Constance is arrested !!
Inside Wicklow Gaol. " There's been a terrible mistake, I'm innocent, she says." No, one pays her any attention.
Her loud screams and protest land her into more trouble and she is locked up.

This is not turning out to be the holiday she was hoping for as Constance contemplates a night in Jail.

To be Continued ..........

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