Thursday, March 12, 2009

Troy meets another Surfing Legend...Robert August

Troy the furry travel buddy has a penchant for all things surfing, you'll remember he met Laird Hamilton back in March.They were having an exhibition at the Huntington Beach Art Center so he popped along for a visit as they were screening the Surf Classic "Endless Summer". Troy met one of the stars of the movie. He had a fantastic time and here's his story.

Troy volunteers for an hour at the front desk and is shown the ropes by the lovely Elaine.

Inside the exhibition he spies the Duke himself and goes in for a closer peek. "Nice suit, " he thinks.
He poses for a photo by the Old Surf Theater sign before anyone sees him. After all its one of the few words he knows.
He checks out an old surfboard, he's not sure about the colour though.

This board must be about 10 feet tall, Troy doesn't think he'd be able to carry it.
This one seems better suited if only he knew how to ride a shortboard.......

From the front of the building he can hear the gentle sounds of the Ukelele being played. He stops to listen and hums along to the tunes he knows.The movie is about to start and Troy is quite excited as he's never seen it before.

After the movie Troy concludes that Robert August is an excellent surfer with some stylish moves. He enjoyed Robert's commentary during the film and dashes to try and find him.
Robert very graciously stops for a chat and gives Troy some words of encouragement before propping him up on his shoulder for a photo.

Many thanks to the very accomodating Robert August and if you've not yet seen it Endless Summer is great viewing for all ages.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bernard in Argentina

Bernard makes his debut to the blog, he was lucky enough to be taken to Argentina and here are some pics from his trip. Thanks to Michelle for taking him on this adventure. Coming soon the FTB winner for February. FTB draw competition will be having a break whilst I work on the Buddy Awards. Thanks to all those who have sent in entries. You can still have your work featured in the FTB gallery if you can't stop drawing them !!

Here Bernard is seen sipping on a Yerba Mate, well not quite sipping as he has to figure out how to get himself higher up.

Above Bernard apparently came perilously close to falling in this rather impressive waterfall but somehow managed to cling on. He not surprisingly doesn't like to take showers anymore as it brings back bad memories.