Friday, October 16, 2009

Sonny goes to watch baseball

Thanks to Heidi for taking Sonny to his first (and probably last) baseball game.
Sonny arrives at the Angel's Stadium and feels small in comparison.

Sonny feels like he stands out but red doesn't really suit him.

To steady his nerves before his first game he heads off to get a beer.
The lights from the cameras are blinding as the players take to the field. Sonny starts to fade a little.

His mind starts to wonder. Isn't Glee Club on tonight he thinks. It's his favourite show, he hopes someone Tivo's it.

He must have dozed off and is rudely awoken by a lot of cheering. The red team won, hurray and more importantly Sonny gets to go home. He realises he prefers tennis. (There's no pleasing some FTB's!)

Still, he's had a fairly relaxing time, so he can't complain.

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