Wednesday, October 1, 2008

FTB's in Paris

As mentioned in a previous blog. Ethel, Constance and Wally are back from Paris and their owners have sent me a bunch of pictures of their tour de Paris.
The journey begins, no Eurostar for our intrepid trio as they brave the seas on a ferry.

They listen to some music to drown out the sound of the engines and combat the nausea from the rocking of the boat.
Ethel arrives and hasn't the energy to unpack.
Wally and Ethel are the first to bed once they are settled in their Parisian Hotel.They are not impressed that they have to share a bed and that Constance somehow got separated.
Wally gets an attack of the munchies and sneaks off for a midnight snack. He misjudges the depth of the tin and spends the night surrounded by biscuits.

Ethel revitalised checks out the sights and marvels at the Eiffel Tower.
Ethel likes it so much she buys one for herself and when in Paris the beret must be worn.
Ethel outside the Notre Dame Cathedral, she wonders if the Hunchback still lives there ?
Constance gets into a spot of bother.
Constance and Wally pay their respects at the Memorial at Vimy Ridge.
Wally wonders off to check out the museum.Wally decides to climb a wall of sandbags for a better view.
Wally always up to no good loses his friends at the Louvre. A man in a beret appears to think someone is taking his picture judging by the po.
Outside the Pompidou Centre, the trio prepare for an afternoon of art and culture. According to my sources apparently it didn't smell very nice inside so they didn't enjoy it that much.

Ethel once again house hunting thinks the Palace at Versailles would make a great residence.The trio are impressed by the spectacular gardens at Versaille. Ethel thinks it would be a great spot to show her fashion collection.
Ethel and Constance take a cheeky picture in front of the naked lady to show their friends.
Wally, Constance and Ethel despite being ignored when queuing for toilets and travelling in lifts have thoroughly enjoyed their Parisian jaunt but the real world beckons and they have to get back to their responsabilities. Thanks to Ciara, Sophie and Emily for their fabulous pictures.

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