Monday, September 1, 2008

Ethel goes to Spain - Part 2

Ethel had more adventures in Spain than her previous post would suggest, she also visited some rural spots looking for inspiration for her next fashion collection. She is going rustic this season .Ethel contemplates life.
Ethel wonders how she got here, she misses the buzz of the big city and her minions waiting on her hand and foot.
Ethel spots the perfect rustic getaway and takes a closer peek.
So the path would definitely need fixing, she thinks. This just wouldn't do.
She spies a window and can't resist a peek.This place needs a little work but with a bit of imagination........Ethel's creative mind starts racing. Overcome with excitement at the prospect of this bijou dwelling she loses her footing.
Ethel lands with a thud and bangs her head. What was I thinking, I can't live in the sticks, she says to herself. She realises the perfect rustic getaway is not so perfect after all.
Ethel takes one last look before biding farewell to the countryside.

Back to the city at last Ethel breathes a sigh of relief, pavement, transport, shopping..... Ethel decides the rustic life is not for her. She is a city girl.
She takes a stroll through the city, admiring the marvellous fountain and thinking about her next trip to Paris.

Thanks again to Ciara for her fabulous photos, I look forward to the Paris adventure.

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emily said...

i love ethals pics !
they are so cute !