Monday, September 22, 2008

Wally in Mallorca

They say a picture can speak a thousand words and even without Sophie the owners corroboration I can tell that Wally got himself in a spot of bother on holiday in Mallorca. It seems to be catching among the FTB group, first Fred gets arrested in LA and Constance goes to jail in Ireland now Wally seems to have had a narrow escape from the firm hand of the law. Read on for the full story.

Wally eyes the spectacular view from his apartment window.
Wally apparently took a rather unexpected dip into the hotel pool, unexpected because he was still fully dressed !!
Wally spies a bar in the distance, he's parched and can't wait to sample the local fare.
Wally orders a strawberry daquirri (non-alcoholic) from the menu but it would appear that his Spanish wasn't quite up to par and they thought he said "more alcohol".

Uh, oh everything is going blurry, he can't seem to focus.
After dancing the night away, Wally finds himself stuck in a cactus with a sombrero on his head. "Help me, he moans." to no one in particular as its 5am and everyone knows the Spaniards don't wake up till noon. Wally can feel his face burning as the sun is already quite powerful. He can't quite remember what happened to him last night.
Wally finally makes a decision as the thorns from the cactus start to really poke him and jumps. Unfortunately he misses the nearby bush and lands on the not so forgiving concrete. He is rescued by a passerby a few hours later and is prescribed bed rest for the remainder of the holiday till his bruises subside. Poor Wally.....

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