Friday, September 26, 2008

The Arrival of Brenda

Brenda is newly arrived in the UK, having jetted in from the US. I received these photos showing her arrival and subsequent meeting with Constance. Apologies to Ciara as I wrongly attributed the last entry to her brother and was soon set straight! The next blog is like an episode of Neighbours (angst ridden sitcom) crossed with Changing Rooms (home makeover programme)... jealousy, rivalry and interior design ! Words and pictures provided by Emily.
I am currently working on an FTB calendar so there's still time to submit your photos to be included. So far Fred, Ethel, Wally, Constance, Hairy Hank, Herman and Clarence have their own month so hurry with your high resolution photos.
Constance and Brenda meet for the first time outside Constance's house.

Constance is jealous of Brenda's good looks so turns her back on her, but deep down she wants to be her buddy.

Brenda is hurt by the rejection and seeks solace in a nearby bush. Constance feels guilty for being so mean and pleads for forgiveness. (She is not particularly fond of heights either)
Brenda accepts Constance's apology and they make their way back to Constance's house. Brenda being quite the confident American discusses plans to spruce things up a bit Brenda style. (Could she be the next Laurence Llewellyn Bowen ?)

After an hour of huffing and pouffing the two monsters admire their handy work.
It's been a long day but finally they both get some sleep, from rocky beginnings they have forged a monster friendship.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Samson - The Comic

It's been awhile since I've heard from Samson so I called the owner for a status update. The creative genius that he is, is working on an original comic book featuring hairy Hank and Samson as well as some other well known brand toys. It'll be a month he says but to whet your appetite here is Samson's Day. After reading it I'm sure you'll agree it's worth the wait. Ethan the owner is 9 but already has a great vocabulary!

Don't forget to visit the Etsy shop as I've added some new FTB's to the collection.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wally in Mallorca

They say a picture can speak a thousand words and even without Sophie the owners corroboration I can tell that Wally got himself in a spot of bother on holiday in Mallorca. It seems to be catching among the FTB group, first Fred gets arrested in LA and Constance goes to jail in Ireland now Wally seems to have had a narrow escape from the firm hand of the law. Read on for the full story.

Wally eyes the spectacular view from his apartment window.
Wally apparently took a rather unexpected dip into the hotel pool, unexpected because he was still fully dressed !!
Wally spies a bar in the distance, he's parched and can't wait to sample the local fare.
Wally orders a strawberry daquirri (non-alcoholic) from the menu but it would appear that his Spanish wasn't quite up to par and they thought he said "more alcohol".

Uh, oh everything is going blurry, he can't seem to focus.
After dancing the night away, Wally finds himself stuck in a cactus with a sombrero on his head. "Help me, he moans." to no one in particular as its 5am and everyone knows the Spaniards don't wake up till noon. Wally can feel his face burning as the sun is already quite powerful. He can't quite remember what happened to him last night.
Wally finally makes a decision as the thorns from the cactus start to really poke him and jumps. Unfortunately he misses the nearby bush and lands on the not so forgiving concrete. He is rescued by a passerby a few hours later and is prescribed bed rest for the remainder of the holiday till his bruises subside. Poor Wally.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Constance in Ireland

Constance has been holidaying in Ireland but it was not be an uneventful vacation. Her owner Emily has done a fantastic job of recording her stay there and I have taken a bit of artistic licence with the text. Enjoy.

Constance boarding the plane to Dublin, she is a bit worried as her owner looks like being the last to board and she really doesn't want to miss the flight.
Constance is relieved to arrive at Dublin airport but where o where is her luggage ?
Constance can only look on as her fellow travellers wheel their suitcases into the Ramada hotel. What is a hairstylist to do without her tools ?
Constance tries to relax and not think about her misfortune at the meeting of the waters.

Thankfully Constance doesn't need her sunblock or towel at Bray beach. If there's one thing to make Constance smile it's shopping. Fortunately she had travel insurance so she is able to replace some of her missing items one of which is her Frizz Ease. What is a girl to do without straightening irons ?

At the heather fields Constance is glad to not have to encounter another living soul.
The sheep don't seem to mind Constance's frizzy hair, there's no way she's putting her snaps up on facebook that's for sure.
Constance gets a phonecall at the Ramada inn asking her to appear at the local police station. Her suitcase has turned up.
But wait, Constance's baggage it seems contained some Hair Dye which is on the prohibited item list. It seems Constance's suitcase was blown up at Gatwick Airport as a precaution and Constance is arrested !!
Inside Wicklow Gaol. " There's been a terrible mistake, I'm innocent, she says." No, one pays her any attention.
Her loud screams and protest land her into more trouble and she is locked up.

This is not turning out to be the holiday she was hoping for as Constance contemplates a night in Jail.

To be Continued ..........

Friday, September 12, 2008

Herman The German

Herman makes his first appearance on the FTB blog and does so in style. He has been to Austria and his owner Sophy has provided both the pictures and accompanying text so a big thank you. Austria seems like a very nice holiday destination with plenty to see and do.

I hear that a few of the FTB's will be going to Paris together as Ethel visits the home of fashion with a few of her friends. As part of the marketing for the FTB revolution I have some exclusive FTB postcards which I will be happy to send to readers of this blog. Please send an email to and I will send you some as a thank-you for supporting me and the FTB's.

Meet Herman the German suitably renamed for this trip seeing as Austrian's speak German. Herman is staying in two locations on this trip: Bad Hofgastein and then Bad Ischl.

Herman takes a look at his home for the first week of his trip, which includes the beautiful church spire and backdrop of the Alps.

Bad Hofgenstein Park. Herman rides a giant chess knight while his owner Sophy plays against her sister. Herman is very excited about the next two weeks !
Herman looks down on the town from the mountainside.
Halfway up the mountain, Herman sees a bird who seems strangely silent to him !
Krimmler Wasserfall ( Krimml Waterfall in English!) Herman tries not to get wet at the highest waterfall in Europe ! It is so powerful, the spray from it goes everywhere !
Dorfgastein Solarbad ( Dorgenstein outdoor pool in English!) Herman loves swimming in this little warm pool at the outdoor swimming complex in the heart of the mountains ( The Alps) but like his owner, Sophy, he is not brave enough to try the much bigger cold pool!

Grossglockner Berg' (Grossglockner Mountain in English!) Herman loved visiting the ice glacier at the summit of the tallest mountain in Austria, but was suprised the glacier didn't melt in the blazing sun! Gmunden' Herman looks across Lake Traunsee to the
other side of Gmunden, and a beautiful mountain.

The Home of Mozart' Herman enjoyed visiting Mozart's House and the Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg. He thought that this water fountain was very pretty.

Wolfgangsee' Herman sits at the bow of the boat looking out over Lake Wolfgangsee, and giving instructions to Sophy on how to drive the boat better.

'Zauners' Herman hangs out at Zauners, THE place to go in Bad Ischl (only the best is good enough for a perfectionist like Herman!). It is a Konditorei (coffee and cake place - they are everywhere in Austria) which sells delicious traditional Austrian cakes. (Yum!)

Zauners' Herman makes freinds with a native snail.
'Zauners' Herman befreinds a chocolate hedgehog.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jasper in New York

Jasper was lucky enough to be whisked away to New York with his owner Thyme, having never left Orange County he was overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the big apple.

Jasper in Central Park, he wishes he had bought his comfy walking shoes.Jasper thoroughly exhausted is relieved to get in a cab to his next destination, safety first he grasps the strap as the driver weaves his way through the city traffic.

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jasper is fascinated by the fallen angels and tries to figure out how they got into that strange position.
After a hard days sightseeing, Jasper relaxes in a bar, being underage he orders a lime and soda careful to avoid the burning candle.

Jasper is given a goodnight kiss as its his bedtime. He can't wait for his next adventure.
Thanks to Thyme for the great photos.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Wally in Le Havre, France - Part 1

Wally has had a very busy Summer, you may recall he took in and brought back to health the fairy bear in his last blog. In the first of a two part blog Sophie reveals what he's been up to in France. Wally is obviously a keen horticulturalist who appreciates the finer things in life and isn't afraid of a bit of an adventure. Thanks to Sophie for her terrific pictures and captions. Only one question did the fairy bear get left behind ?

Wally arrives at La Mesangerie just outside Le Havre In Normandy,France where Sophie's grandparents live.

He is amazed at the variety in colour!

He is impressed by the number of different plant types!
Wally gets in a fix as he tries to ring the old fashioned door bell.

He is overwhelmed by the choice of refreshing drinks after his long journey. What should he choose?

Wally meets the handsome ginger cat,Chpounz who invites him to nap with him but there is much to explore...