Monday, September 1, 2008

Wally settles in

Thanks to Sophie for the wonderful story and pictures. Wally has obviously made many friends and has a very considerate owner. Have you got a photo of your monster at home if so email it to me at

Feeling lonely Wally decides to visit his new neighbours in Rose Cottage.
They turn their noses up at him and leave him on his own.

Feeling down Wally tries the neighbours on the other side who
thankfully give him a cheerful warm welcome. He stays till late talking with them.

When Wally eventually got into bed and fell asleep he was suddenly awakened by a terrible bump.He went out to investigate and found a beautiful but unconcious fairy bear outside his door.

He brings her into his house and cares for her alll through the night, even though he is exhausted,until she is breathing steadily.

Wally is now very happy in his neighbourhood as he has made friends and has Lillia living with him who is gaining strength eveery day.

Wally found out she was called Lillia and he introduced her to his friendly neighbours who took to her immediately.They now go out for walks together as one big group with Lillia on a sledge as she is quite weak after her crash landing.

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Anonymous said...

i think this story is really cute !
i love it!