Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fred's adventures in King City

Fred has once again been on vacation and visited some lovely spots, at lake San Antonio he was kept up by the wondering deer which were not so cute when only a tent seperates you from antlers. He was disappointed at Lake Nacimiento to find it was primarily a boating lake. The temperatures reached 106 degrees so although you can't tell Fred was feeling the heat and had to take cold showers. Fred also met lots of prize winning donkeys and was impressed that they were so friendly.

Fred at Lake San Antonio.
Fred is upset that he is not allowed to dive at the beach, but as its empty..........
He takes in a little sun to dry himself off.
Fred poses with the National Champion 758 Red at the Coastal miniature donkey show.
Fred was a little surprised to find himself the only visitor at the Irrigation museum.Fred is not impressed by this particular irrigation exhibit.An unorthodox position to hold whilst on a tractor.
Fred's curious nature gets the better of him as his legs get stuck whilst getting off a stationery tram exhibit.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Clarence in Whitney, Reno and other places

Clarence's viewpoint for the hike. His knobbly legs could not make the walk and he was afraid of being in the front.
Clarence wonders where the scale is. How can you weigh your bags with no scale.
Clarence eyes a bad underneath a log. He lets his curiosity get the best of him and opens it. Low and behold it is the missing scale.
Clarence's post during the Whitney ascent. He was complaining about too much bacon in the split pea soup the night before, so I decided it was best if his cranky self stayed at camp.

Clarence and Kerry at Mono Lake.
Clarence at Mono Lake
Clarence with his Yerba Mate at a Reno tea shop.
Clarence the baker.

As you can see Clarence has been getting around. Thanks to Kerry for the commentary and fabulous pictures.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fred visits the historic town of Bath

Despite Fred's recent brush with the law he was taken on holiday to England to see the sights. He enjoyed visiting the Roman Baths and Bath cathedral. He was impressed by the architecture but was a bit shocked by the change in climate namely rain. He hasn't had to walk this much in a long time but Fred is definitely learning to adapt and is happy to wonder the streets.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Day in the Life of Ethel

Ciara has sent me the first furry travel buddy comic which is so exciting. I also know of two comics currently being worked on in London that are excellent.
Ethel lives in Bath, England and I am told is a keen follower of fashion and Ciara took her to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. She particularly enjoyed seeing the large casts, jewellery section and of course the fashion display.