Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Burt and friends go to the Park

Burt makes his first appearance in the FTB blog and what a bright fellow he is. On his first outing he got to see a lot of different animals at the zoo and took a train ride on a very wee train. Thanks to Melody for the great pictures. Happy thanksgiving everyone.
Burt couldn't wait to board the train and sneak a peak at the engine whilst the conductor wasn't looking.
A bit of a daredevil he rides precariously balanced on the rail of the train basking in the sunshine.
He spies the donkeys. " I want to ride, he says."
There are a few formalities to go through first. He puts himself under the sign but is so small that it would be tricky to see him in the picture. He's definitely small enough.

He saddles up for the ride of his life. Trouble is the saddle isn't a custom fit and its more like riding a bucking bronco !
He can't wait to tell his friends all about his drama.
He bids farewell and goes off in search of more interesting animals.
He sees a big old bear who seems a bit lonely so he stops for a chat.

He wonders what it would be like to be a bear. He gets a bit of vertigo from being so high up.
Next he says hello to the goats who eye him suspiciously.
He asks one of the goats to pose for a photo and he obliges.
On his last stop of the day he visits the mountain lions, who sadly aren't roaming the mountain but they do have some private space from prying eyes. Although he's had a really fun day and learnt a lot about animals. Burt is glad he doesn't live in a zoo and gets to wonder about freely.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Troy in downtown LA

It seems awhile since the last blog, I have been so busy with the website and making more FTB's that time has just flown by. But back to business as usual Troy took a trip to downtown LA for a bit of sight seeing. Here's his story.

Troy is mesmerised by the large mirrored buildings, they make him feel rather small in the scheme of things.He particularly likes this curvy building by architect Frank O'Gehry, its made of titanium plates and is called the Disney Concert Hall.

Troy wonders why there aren't more curvy buildings as they are great for hide and seek.
In the outdoor garden Troy sees a Japanese orchid tree. He thinks it would look nice in a girl's hair.

Troy spots a fountain which is made of small mosaic tiles which resembles a large flower.
He can't resist dipping his toes, its rather hot after all.

Troy is fed up with walking so goes in search of other means of transportation and finds a Tram, not just any tram but the shortest tram in the world. Its called Angel's flight but unlucky for him its being refurbished and so he has to take the stairs instead.

He can barely walk now so he's in no mood for no loitering signs and loiters for a long time.

Alas for him Troy loiters too long, forgets his car is on a meter and gets towed away !!He stages a protest on top of the sign.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Brenda goes Christmas Shopping

Brenda is back you may remember the frosty reception she received from Constance when she first arrived but after an afternoon of interior design they became the best of pals. Brenda having originally come from the US was used to the huge shopping malls so was quite in her element in Bristol Cabot. Thanks to Emily for her great pictures. Also the Furry Travel Buddy Calendars are finally here, check them out on Etsy. Thanks to everyone without whose contributions over the past year there would be no calendar.

Brenda loves to shop.
She takes her time eyeing the shops from her lofted vantage point before she spots a familiar sign.
If there's one word that Brenda likes to see when she's shopping it's SALE !
Brenda looks at a potential addition to her wardrobe but isn't sure about the puffy sleeves.
Brenda takes a break to look at the Christmas decorations.
She spots some rather large baubles and makes a mental note to spruce up the decor for something more festive.

Having gotten some fresh air she's back to shopping til she drops.
Brenda is sure the reindeer has been tracking her since she arrived.

One last stop at Harvey Nichols, Brenda is exhausted. So many people, so much choice she just couldn't decide. She will have to take Constance with her next time to help her decide.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Check out the website

So, its still early days but I'd like you take a peek at the fledgling site In the next few weeks there will be more content added but for the time being you'll still need to read the blog here. Its a technical thing. I'm excited about this phase of the Furry Travel Buddy revolution. I'd love to hear from you, like it ? let me know. Want to see specific content or have any ideas ? I'm open to suggestions.

Once again, thanks for all your support.

New blogs featuring Brenda, Burt, Troy, Fred and Cynthia coming soon.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Secret Diary of Hairy Hank Part 2

More adventures from the vivid imagination of Ethan Hughes aged 9. Don't worry there's more to come ! We will also be hearing from Brenda and Troy soon. Marlene has exciting news as she will be travelling to Indonesia and Malaysia at the end of this month. She recently went to Canada but was erroneously left behind in Toronto whilst her owner went to Montreal, luckily they were reunited but had no time for photo opportunities !

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Troy meets Laird Hamilton

Well, one of the FTB's got to meet a surfing legend the other day and here's the story.

Laird Hamilton for those of you who don't recognise him is a big wave surfing legend. He surfs waves that are mini mountains.

Troy spies a poster for Laird's new book "Force of Nature' and notes he will be signing copies in Santa Monica. Troy is very excited to meet him so buys the book and waits in line.Laird spots Troy out of the corner of his eye.

The line is quite long as lots of people have come to see him Troy wonders how his hand is doing and whether he went surfing this morning. Troy reads his book whilst waiting which has some excellent surfing tips and lovely photos.

Troy can't contain himself, he's next in line and is suddenly lost for words.
Its all too much. Laird calls him "Cute" and Troy passes out. Troy doesn't come round for an hour or so and thankfully he has the book or he would have thought he'd been dreaming.