Monday, April 28, 2008

Fred goes Camping in San Clemente

Fred enjoyed a short holiday in San Clemente. He had to return a slightly undercooked pattie in Fatburger but didn't suffer any dire consequences. Fred liked seeing all the Old Woodies at Doheny State Beach. Fred isn't a keen surfer as the water makes him bloated but he enjoyed sunbathing at San Onofre Beach.

Phyllis in Vegas

Phyllis had a couple of days in Vegas but due to camera malfunction only came back with this picture. Her antics included visiting a shooting range. She was an excellent shot. She also liked playing poker and the slot machines.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Clarence in Pagosa Springs

Clarence was a pioneer of the FTB revolution its just taken me awhile to dig out his pictures. As you can see Clarence is fond of snow as it makes him more photogenic but the glare sometimes requires that he put shades on. He was in Pagosa Springs when the pictures were taken. Clarence also visited Dallas on his travels and enjoyed Christmas with the Regan family where he warmed himself by the fire and ate lots of healthy snacks as he didn't want to ruin his waistline. Clarence has recently been camping so I will be posting some more pics shortly. Thank you Kerry for your pictures.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Samson goes to Devon

As you can see from these fabulous photos, Samson has been out and about in Devon with the Hughes'. He visited a Donkey Sanctuary, the donkeys look rather bemused, had an afternoon nap on a rocking horse, climbed trees and visited some tigers. Although Samson gave them his scariest stare it wasn't enough to make them perk up for the photo. Thanks to Ciara and Ethan Hughes for their great pictures.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hank in Venice, Italy

Hairy Hank as he is affectionately known was lucky enough to be taken to Venice. As you can see from the pictures he certainly got to see the sights and enjoyed himself immensely. He even climbed a tree to get a better view of the rooftops. The Global FTB revolution has truly begun. Thanks to Yolanda for her stunning photographs.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Phyllis in the Snow

Phyllis has a very active and busy owner. She was lucky enough to be taken snowboarding a few weeks ago but her owner tells me she didn't really like the snow which is useful information to have. Phyllis is very individual and independent as you can see and I look forward to hearing more about her adventures. Thanks to Amanda for the pics.New FTB's will be added soon so remember to check to see the newest members of the FTB Revolution.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Samson and Hairy Hank

My nephew Ethan has done me proud and provided proof that Samson and Hairy Hank are being well looked after in Bath, England. Ethan tells me that they have particularly enjoyed reading " Captain Underpants Books " with him. They also like playing Thomas Tank Engine trains as well as hanging out with the Disney Crew who share some of their interests. I look forward to more info updates, keep them coming.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Adventures of FTB's

Welcome to the Home of the FTB's or Furry Travel Buddies. I began making them whilst waiting for an interview at the US Embassy in London. I was staying at my parent's house and was finally getting to grips with the sewing machine under the guidance of my expert stepmother. After teaching for a few years I wasn't quite feeling up to painting so for no particular reason started making these little monsters. The idea behind it was that they would be loyal and trusted companions that would share in the daily adventures of their adopted parent and this would be documented via photos. They would each be unique and come with instructions.

The first recipient was my 8 year old nephew Ethan who much to my surprise loved his. He has Hairy Hank and Samson, (he surreptitiously got attached to Samson as he felt Hank needed a friend and he mysteriously never made it back across the Atlantic.) I'm still awaiting his pictures but my niece Ciara a responsible 11 year old has provided visual confirmation that Samson's doing well. He's the green one with the cat. I have spoken to my nephew today and have asked him to take some pictures but maybe I'll just persuade my brother in law to take Hank to Venice as I'm sure he'd enjoy the trip. I am currently adding to the family as five have recently been adopted. In these posts I will document their travels so far and hope that I receive email updates from the adopters. For those wishing to adopt you can see whose available at