Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stanley in London

Introducing Stanley the lean, green chocolate eating machine. Stanley was subject to some initial delay. He missed a marvellous trip to Italy as he was locked in a brown envelope on top of a wardrobe and his owner didn't know that he had arrived. But, as you can see he is learning some creative skills and is enjoying living in a big city. Thanks go to Tammaan for her great pictures. In the first picture Stanley sees his name in Chelsea (posh part of London) which happens to be the same colour as him. Stanley helps himself to a packet of chocolates while his owner is blissfully unaware.

Stanley's owner finds out about the chocolates and threatens to throw him out of the train window if he does it again. (Stanley has been warned!)
Stanley turns to crochet to entertain himself on the train and makes himself a hat and a scarf combo.
Stanley arrives at Leeds university for a Open Day where he will be able to continue and build on his crocheting skills on a textiles course.

Back in London Stanley looks out onto the new shopping centre .

Eager to shop he tries to hitch a ride on Lowies shoulder but to no avail Lowies is staying firmly put.

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