Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Troy meets Laird Hamilton

Well, one of the FTB's got to meet a surfing legend the other day and here's the story.

Laird Hamilton for those of you who don't recognise him is a big wave surfing legend. He surfs waves that are mini mountains.

Troy spies a poster for Laird's new book "Force of Nature' and notes he will be signing copies in Santa Monica. Troy is very excited to meet him so buys the book and waits in line.Laird spots Troy out of the corner of his eye.

The line is quite long as lots of people have come to see him Troy wonders how his hand is doing and whether he went surfing this morning. Troy reads his book whilst waiting which has some excellent surfing tips and lovely photos.

Troy can't contain himself, he's next in line and is suddenly lost for words.
Its all too much. Laird calls him "Cute" and Troy passes out. Troy doesn't come round for an hour or so and thankfully he has the book or he would have thought he'd been dreaming.

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