Saturday, October 11, 2008

Troy goes Baywatch in San Elijo

Troy the new poster boy of the FTB's recently went on a camping trip to San Elijo State Beach. It was blustery and there was a lightning storm (not so good when in a tent with metal poles!) which for California is unusual weather but it didn't stop inquisitive Troy investigating the beach. If you have a google email address you can sign up as an FTB follower and will receive a notice each time a blog is posted when you sign into your account. Don't forget only 3 pages left in the FTB calendar so get your images in soon to be included.

Troy checks out the waves and wishes he had his wetsuit.

In order to get a better view Troy ignores warnings and climbs up a fence.

Troy spies another sign and notes that the lifeguard isn't on duty and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Troy waits for the people to disperse before making a move.He decides to consult Sanford the old sage about his plan. Sanford gives him the thumbs up.

Troy climbs up on the lifeguard tower whilst no one is watching and commences his self-imposed duties.
All seems well.
Oh, no someone is giving him the evil eye. Troy decides to scarper sharpish.

It isn't long however before he spies another empty lifeguard tower but he decides he's not that keen on getting wet as the tide is rising and he doesn't want to get stranded.

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