Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cynthia goes to see Beckham

Cynthia makes her first appearance in this blog and is the first I believe to attend a sporting event. She was taken to see LA Galaxy better known as the team David Beckham plays for. It was quite a warm night so Cynthia was quite overwhelmed by all the running about, as she doesn't really understand the offside rule. Thanks to Heidi who despite having sporadic internet reception sent me these great pictures. If your FTB has met anyone famous please send me a picture to coolcrafter@gmail.com thank-you.

Cynthia takes on fluids, its a warm night after all.
Cynthia spies a kindred spirit on the pitch. She doesn't think he's a player but what is he doing on the pitch ?
Cynthia is surprised by the number of family members at the game. They must have got together beforehand as they are all wearing the same shirt.
They really are going too fast, thinks Cynthia she can't keep up with the pace.

Almost at the end, Cynthia debates whether to head for the car now or wait till the game finishes. Its so much easier when you can pause and rewind.

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