Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ethel at Court Gardens

Ethel has been busy over the Summer, not content with a trip to Paris and Spain she also visited The Court Gardens as part of her Spring Collection research.

Ethel finds herself in a dark place.
She is not impressed by all the green stuff on the pond as she can't see her reflection.
After what seems like hours of walking Ethel reaches an impasse. What pray tell lies behind the gate ? and why did she not bring her hat.

It's no use the gate won't budge, Ethel is a lady so no climbing for her. You'll remember her fall into the Spanish ruin on her last vacation. She has learnt her lesson. Ethel begins to panic as the SPF she has on will only last another hour and a tan is so last year.

Fed up, she consults the map to find out where the coffee shop is and is horrified by the walk to get there. Ethel is definitely not the outdoorsy type.

Thanks to Ciara for her great pictures. Coming soon to the blog, Wally in Le Havre Part 2, The arrival of Julius and The Secret Diary of Hairy hank. Watch this space.

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