Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Resident Poet

There are some hot entries to the FTB draw contest, the standard has definitely been raised. Ethan who already owns Hairy Hank and Samson, you may recall Hairy Hank's Diary which has been featured on this blog. Not content with just submitting a drawing he has also decided to submit a poem about his new furry travel buddy which I couldn't resist posting. I will be featuring his poems on the website for as long as he keeps writing them. Also, a special thanks to Emily Bricker for her contest banner which will shortly be appearing on the site too. With only 3 days to go till the big show in LA its full steam ahead, I just hope the sewing machine can keep up with me. I will bring you pictures from the show next week as the Furry Travel Buddies will have a very special backdrop to showcase them, till then enjoy the poems and keep warm. (If you enjoyed the poem, click on the big smile at the end of the post, thanks.)

"Johnny is a big fan of red
all over the house, even his bed
it was all just the same
until the old painters came
they painted his house, no longer red
it now stood pink, even the bed!
this made Johnny very sad
because pink was really bad
it was a girl colour to him
he prefered a colour that was more dim
so once again he painted his house red
now he'd sleep once again in the bed!"

"blue boy is blue, blue, blue,
he has a sister named silly sue.
they always cause havoc in their house
and wouldn't let anything happen to their pet mouse.
they had chess games, they had clay,
and its always tag they like to play.
Blue boy, Silly sue,
you should have seen them fall down the loo!
they spied in november, they spied at noon,
they spied near Christmas, they liked to spy very soon!
but they didn't spy on Christmas day,
thats what they always liked to say.
but really it was all a lie,
they only splat them with mince pie!"

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Pirka said...

Aww, they remind me of the poems on the tags of Beanie Babies! And thank you so much for the mention, it's my pleasure! :)