Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Arrival of Betty

Its a bit of a whirlwind week, not long before the Furry Travel Buddies make their appearance at Unique Los Angeles a huge art and craft fair, so I've been busy preparing stuff for the show. I am thrilled at the response to the FTB draw on the website. If you haven't taken a look yet please do. New pages have been updated and any suggestions, comments are always welcome. But, back to Betty, she belongs to a lady called Wendy who sells Italian pottery at a marketplace/flea market in San Diego she had this to say about Betty.

Betty attended the Farmer's Market today. She selected a red bowl to sit in and watch the shoppers go by. She behaved herself beautifully. She is a wonderful companion. I think she will enjoy Arkansas.

I would venture that Betty is extremely lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful objects and have an owner with such great taste. I look forward to hearing about Arkansas. Thanks to Wendy/Melody for taking the time to update me.

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