Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The FTB's visit LA

It's been a busy past few weeks but I'm back and ready to post. The FTB's had a great time at the UNIQUE show in LA, they had their own FTB village as you can see from the pictures. Some of the FTB's were adopted at the show so we will hopefully hear of their safe arrival over the next few weeks. Amongst the new owners we have a designer, a photographer and a dog trainer to name a few.Santa made an appearance and the FTB's helped him empty his sled.
The FTB's set sail in a beautifully crafted vessel in the blue lake.(Ok so there are a lot of holes, but its make believe and the lake is really neoprene but the logs are real.)
A group of FTB's wait their turn for the restroom which is situated next to the Saloon which explains the queue.
Troy and friends gather at the entrance to the Saloon which doubles as a ballroom dancing hall on Tuesday nights.
Fred gets to fly high above the crowds in his own airplane.
Thanks to all the lovely people who stopped by and smiled at the FTB's also big huge thank-you to Kerry for her inventive use of linkin' logs and Connex.

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