Saturday, July 24, 2010

Leonard in New Zealand Part Deux

Leonard's back. It was only a matter of time before his itchy little feet grew restless. Following a successful stint as chief vintner he embarked upon a journey that was more than he bargained for.

All aboard, Leonard settles in for a busy day of fishing.

He struggles to control the pole and the fishing reel but quitting is not in Leonard's nature so he tries his best.
Less indicative of Leonard's fishing skills, he manages to persuade a roaming crustacean to stop by for a beer. Fast forward an hour or two and it's all Mr. Crustacean can do to make it to the bucket. Leonard steadies him as.... well we'll leave that to your imagination.

Mr. Crustacean bids a fond farewell as it is past his curfew and the Mrs will be wondering where he's got to. Leonard feeling emboldened by the beer climbs to the top of the life saver and does a rendition of "My heart will go on" (Yes, even FTB's have seen Titanic). The boat suddenly lurches due to a freak gust of wind and Leonard is flung into the air blissfully unaware that he is no longer on the boat.
Mr Crustacean fortunately is still in the vicinity and gives him a ride to the nearest shore. Wet and a little bewildered Leonard tries to get his bearings.. He is certainly a long way from home.
He stumbles along and finds a deserted stretch of sand and lo and behold his favourite thing in the world, a rope swing ! In no time at all Leonard is singing away and back to his happy self, content to just be free.

Thanks to Sam for the great photos. They are definitely amongst some of my favourites.

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