Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wally in Wales Part 2

Wally is back in Part 2. If you missed part 1 click here.. Apologies for the delay in posting things have been a bit hectic. I am excited to report that FTB's have been spotted in China, Hong Kong and Indonesia with another trip to the far east scheduled for September. Troy will be back with tales from the Nike 6.0 no tell mo tell. Stay tuned .....
Big thanks to Sophy for her wonderfully imaginative Wally tale.

Wally shows his new friend the cottage in which he is staying however the curious snowman is very eager to explore the land around it.
The emotional events have opened up Wally's appetite. He quickly gobbles down a large bowl of porridge before meeting his friend outside
The pair begin an arduous uphill hike in high spirits as they admire the brilliant colours of the surrounding nature.

The hike seems to get harder and harder. Wally and the snowman lose eachother in what Sophie has renamed the Thorn Jungle.
They finally find each other at the top of their uphill struggle. Pausing for breath they admire the Welsh hills and beautiful view.
Seeing as there is plenty of day light left, the pair hitch a car ride and cool down on the pretty Oxswich beach.

 Spying the unattended life boat in the distance Wally and his friend hope for a ride but unfortunately the tide is too far out.
 After arriving further into the mainland a curious rabbit takes a liking to Wally and inspects him to see if he is edible.
 After taking their leave from the rabbit the pair take a cart ride back home.
Wally hops off the ride on the way to rinse off a bit of rabbit dribble with the spray from a nearby waterfall.
The awe inspiring water seems to have softened his brain and he asks directions on the way out.

Having finally returned from their busy excursion it is already time for the adventurous pair to leave.
A little sadly they say goodbye to the Welsh countryside view though secretly knowing more adventures are bound to come their way.

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purplecat21 said...

i love the story! it's so cute xx