Saturday, August 7, 2010

Troy at the Motel No Tell

Troy had heard from his surfer buddies that there was a new place in town called the Motel no tell so he thought he'd check it out.

Troy finds a room full of boards, he makes his way over to look at what Kelly Slater rides. It's a bit shorter than his one.
Nike he is saddened to discover does not make shoes in his size.

Each of the room's has a different theme, he doesn't get much of a chance to look around before he is wrestled by a giant cat who just want's to be friends. Troy has heard this line before and has seen The Lion King so he searches desperately for a chance to escape.
As luck would have it, her ex-boyfriend is none too happy that his lady appears to have taken a shine to Troy and promptly whips away the competition. (He still has feelings for her.)

Troy is dropped off at the cat pillow. "Let this serve as a warning to you says the ex, these two were not so lucky." Troy is left a little bewildered to be honest but the menacing tone left nothing unclear. He must leave immediately. No problemo.
As he looks around him it seems that the room is littered with strange mutated figures.
Troy spots the legendary wrestler, the menace of Venice. What happened to you? he asks. "There was a paarty and the next thing I knew I woke up like dis." This place is not what it seems. Troy feels the need the need for a speedy exit.

Troy spots the elephant in the room. He uses his charm to negotiate a ride out of this strange place where everything is not as it seems. Does he make it out....... stay tuned.

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