Sunday, August 22, 2010

Herman the German in Cornwall

Herman the German has been on the move once more. Sophy has documented his trip with both photos and words. It looks as though it was a bit chilly !

Herman sets off on a rainy day to walk (or more like swim) through the mud to see Gribbin Daymark, which has saved many a  sailor's souls.  Herman hopes he won't need rescuing by anybody, though he might need a blow-dry when he gets home!
At last, somewhere to shelter.  He's thinking it might be best to stay there and let the humans tackle the steep stairs up the 84ft tower to the exposed roof!
Herman relaxes at an almost deserted Porthluney beach as dusk descends on the Cornish coast.
The next day, he decides to be rather more active and take a cycle ride along the Camel Trail cycle path from Padstow to Bodmin. 
Along the way, he stops for a well needed rest at a tiny railway halt, hidden amongst the greenery and almost unused. 

Herman visits the Eden Project, hoping that he can finish the holiday by warming up and drying off inside one of the tropical biodomes!

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