Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sky, Ethel and Constance In Lanzarote

It seems like Summer is finally over but here are Sky, Ethel and Constance to remind you of warmer times.
The intrepid threesome pack their carry on luggage. There is no time to waste at the airport waiting for luggage on the conveyor belt so they pack only the essentials.
One complimentary drink and a packet of nuts later and they are in Lanzarote.

 No sooner have they arrived at the hotel the girls hit the beach.
Brenda isn't really much of a sun worshiper so she strolls off in search of adventure but with the beating sun doesn't get very far.

Meanwhile Sky has overheated and finds a rock from which she can dive bomb into the pool.
 That was the plan but rocks can be slippy and she ends up close and personal with a relative of the cactus family.
 Fortunately Ethel witnessed the incident and comes to her rescue.

Constance meanwhile has secured a pink inflatable to match her outfit, with the help of a rather over friendly frog. The ladies are not amused, by the frog that is.
The following day the clouds have rolled in so the girls decide on a bit of sightseeing.

Their tour guide is having a hard time, the girls were not expecting such a big hike and are exhausted by the time they reach the summit. To be honest the tour guide hadn't expected it to take that long either.

As the sun goes down over Lanzarote the girls still have an hour to go before getting back to the hotel. "Now who's bright idea was this?" says Constance. Sky and Brenda merely sigh, it's going to be a long walk......

Thanks to Ems for the action packed pics. Nice work.

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