Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ivan in Colorado

Ivan was last seen in Costa Rica but is now enjoying his new home in Colorado. Here he takes time out from his busy schedule to explore his surroundings. Thanks to the Wilcuts for the photos.

Oh the wonders of nature, Ivan stops to admire a dandelion.

On closer inspection, Ivan is surprised to discover that the dandelion is almost as big as him.

He bumbles along the tow path aimlessly and wonders what he's going to be eating for tea.

He spies the river below and decides to take a peek.

He lands on a sign, Spiderman style.

Mission accomplished, hmmm it's going to be rather more tricky getting back up again and he doesn't really fancy a swim. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

1 comment:

angelina joy said...

Nice work, Desiree! I always look forward to how you cleverly weave the pictures with an adventurous narrative. Ivan is a man about town, so hopefully he will have more experiences to share soon. :)