Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Phillip is on his way !!!! London, France and Beyond

Exciting news, Phillip is officially on his way and in his honour I have created a website just for him, just click on the link and it will take you there. A big thank you to Angelina for taking Phillip on his first adventure.

Angelina puts Phillip to work answering her calls at the office. Phillip felt like he was in a non-stop aerobics class as it was quite hard work getting to all the buttons when you are small.
Phillip is allowed a short break to catch up on current events. Angelina's a hard task master!

It isn't long before his hard work has paid off and he has earned himself a trip to France.

He is inadequately clothed for this kind of weather and is quite adamant about staying in the chalet.

He breathes in the fresh air.............

Phillip gets to chill with the Champagne.

Unfortunately for him the sled appears to be parked on an incline and he makes his scary descent to safety.
He only gets as far as the chalet door before remembering he hasn't got the key.
Thanks to Angelina for being the first Around the World participant.


Kengot said...

I found your blog so funny.
Similar characters are in every photos.

Desiree B. said...

Thanks for stopping by :0)