Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The 3 P's Patch, Phyllis and Phillip

Today's postcards come from Matthew and Amanda respectively for Patch and Phyllis. Phyllis made an appearance in the snow last year so I'm pleased to hear from her again this time from Ireland. Patch is making his blog debut and is currently living in L.A.

Patch arrives home safely and is fascinated by the man in the cocktail glass who seems to be asking for his help.

Phyllis is in Ireland, behind her the River Liffey, she thinks the building behind her looks like a robot covering his eyes.

Phillip has also been released into the world, slightly later than planned but what with post office closures and whatnots......enough said.
Phillip prepares to leave behind the palm trees of Huntington Beach, CA.
As if the palm tree were not evidence enough of HB, I stuck him on the car.

So for the first leg of his journey, Phillip bids Farewell to England St, CA and makes his way to London, England where Angelina awaits him.

I have placed a poll asking you to guesstimate how many countries he makes it to in the next eighty days so feel free to vote.

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