Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Announcing " The Buddies"

Could Stanley be a contender for best dressed Buddy ?

I am really excited to announce the first year of " The Buddies Award for Excellence " In the spirit of recognizing excellence in the field of Furry Travel Buddy Photography and outstanding contribution to the global FTB revolution, I have created 10 categories. Closing date for all entries will be April 1st which will allow one week for you all to cast your votes and the winners will be announced on April 4th

The categories for "The Buddies " will be:
1. Best FTB blog
2. Best FTB photo with an animal
3. Best FTB home
4. Best FTB with a celebrity
5. Funniest FTB photo
6. Best dressed FTB
7. Most travelled FTB
8. Discretionary award for excellence in a creative capacity (chosen by me )
9. Best Male FTB (based on blog participation)
10. Best female FTB (based on blog participation )

So, I'll announce the nominees for each category over the next few weeks and post them to the website. If you have already submitted photos those will all be looked at too. The winners will get an exclusive handmade FTB award which will definitely be made of fabric and very special and you will be an an inaugural buddy winner. If you've always wanted to win something now's your chance, obviously you have to have an FTB to take part and access to a camera but I'm counting on you to make these the best awards ever. Take a look at previous blogs to see what you're up against. Good luck everyone, get snapping. Email your submissions to the usual address and let me know what category you want to be considered for if its not obvious. I will post all the details on the website


Pirka said...

Hrm, I think Theo and me are up to the challenge! I would love to enter, even if he doesn't win anything.

Desiree B. said...

Fantastic, I look forward to your entry.