Monday, January 26, 2009

An FTB Christmas

It might be 2009 but I received photos of an FTB Christmas and I had to share them with you. Wade and Cordelia make their debut as well as blog favourites Ethel, Constance, Wally and Herman. Don't forget to get your entries in for the buddy awards. You can also vote on how many countries Phillip will get to visit (to the right of the blog). Coming soon Brenda and Ethel's " What not to wear" a hilarious before and after styling piece as well as Bernard's trip to Argentina.

Ethel tries to shake the presents to see which are clothes (who hasn't)

She delves into her stash.
She pokes and prods the package and is intrigued. What could this be ? Ethel is thrilled to discover its a new FTB. (She secretly thinks that he will make an assistant, not the intention but that's Ethel for you!)

She makes Wade feel right at home by offering him one of her prized double chocolate chip muffins which after his transatlantic journey and subsequent hibernation, he is more than ready for a chocolate rush.

Wade isn't used to these cold conditions and despite having a full tummy is feeling a bit chilly. Ethel reveals to him how she stays toasty by showing him the wonders of central heating, and the radiator.

Cordelia was also unwrapped this christmas and was relieved to have a very nice owner.

The FTB's get together for a hike up the christmas tree where you'll see some old favourites Herman, Constance, Wally and Ethel plus newbie Cordelia.
These pics that were sent by Ciara thanks go to her and her friends for bringing the FTB's together for Christmas.

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