Friday, November 14, 2008

Brenda goes Christmas Shopping

Brenda is back you may remember the frosty reception she received from Constance when she first arrived but after an afternoon of interior design they became the best of pals. Brenda having originally come from the US was used to the huge shopping malls so was quite in her element in Bristol Cabot. Thanks to Emily for her great pictures. Also the Furry Travel Buddy Calendars are finally here, check them out on Etsy. Thanks to everyone without whose contributions over the past year there would be no calendar.

Brenda loves to shop.
She takes her time eyeing the shops from her lofted vantage point before she spots a familiar sign.
If there's one word that Brenda likes to see when she's shopping it's SALE !
Brenda looks at a potential addition to her wardrobe but isn't sure about the puffy sleeves.
Brenda takes a break to look at the Christmas decorations.
She spots some rather large baubles and makes a mental note to spruce up the decor for something more festive.

Having gotten some fresh air she's back to shopping til she drops.
Brenda is sure the reindeer has been tracking her since she arrived.

One last stop at Harvey Nichols, Brenda is exhausted. So many people, so much choice she just couldn't decide. She will have to take Constance with her next time to help her decide.

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