Saturday, November 22, 2008

Troy in downtown LA

It seems awhile since the last blog, I have been so busy with the website and making more FTB's that time has just flown by. But back to business as usual Troy took a trip to downtown LA for a bit of sight seeing. Here's his story.

Troy is mesmerised by the large mirrored buildings, they make him feel rather small in the scheme of things.He particularly likes this curvy building by architect Frank O'Gehry, its made of titanium plates and is called the Disney Concert Hall.

Troy wonders why there aren't more curvy buildings as they are great for hide and seek.
In the outdoor garden Troy sees a Japanese orchid tree. He thinks it would look nice in a girl's hair.

Troy spots a fountain which is made of small mosaic tiles which resembles a large flower.
He can't resist dipping his toes, its rather hot after all.

Troy is fed up with walking so goes in search of other means of transportation and finds a Tram, not just any tram but the shortest tram in the world. Its called Angel's flight but unlucky for him its being refurbished and so he has to take the stairs instead.

He can barely walk now so he's in no mood for no loitering signs and loiters for a long time.

Alas for him Troy loiters too long, forgets his car is on a meter and gets towed away !!He stages a protest on top of the sign.

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Pirka said...

I think Troy is one of my favourite FTBs thus far. I love his ears!