Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wally Learns to Fly

A big huge thank you to Miss Sophie Teasdale for her great pictures and story. Wally is an FTB favourite of mine so it's great to see him being active and adventurous. Remember your FTB's need not travel far in order to have an adventure.


Wally has come out of his solitary confinement (due to a near drowning experience in a Spanish swimming pool).He is determined to make his way abroad and so hope to avoid airport hassle by learning to fly himself. He decides to practise in his local area. Wally makes his way to a local air field.  Planes are too unreliable so he settles for a helicopter of a suitable size.
Inexperienced but determined he settles down ready for take off.

Being inexperienced pays off as the blades start moving just before take-off, Wally is jerked off his precarious seat

Determined to get off the ground Wally clings on as best as he can just out of reach of the destructive blades just in front of the tail rotar on the helicopter.

Having slowly managed to steady himself Wally nervously balances close to the edge. For a little guy like him the ground is quite a way down. He wonders how long he can stay there, until any means of help is available.

After a short bumpy ride the untrustworthy helicopter swerves violently into a tree once more throwing its stubborn little passenger off, though thankfully, Wally just about manages to hold onto a branch but is feeling a little dazed.

After waiting and waiting Wally just couldn't hold on anymore. One wrong move was followed by an unnerving free fall....headfirst into a clump of dark foliage. 
With a sinking feeling Wally decided remote controlled helicopters or any flying for that matter, (for now anyway) was just not him. Actually he decided that public transport was a whole lot easier!

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