Thursday, April 22, 2010

Herman discovers his Musical Side

Herman the German makes a splendid comeback in this new set of pictures courtesy of Miss Sophy Tyler who also wrote the accompanying story. Big cheer for Sophy. Enjoy and keep them coming !

 Herman decided to go on a musical adventure to find his ideal musical instrument.  He started with the flute but seeing as it requires breath power, it was hard for a Herman with no mouth.

- So he went to try his hand, or rather his furry legs, at the piano, playing his favourite piece of film music : Chariots of Fire.

  Then he saw something that really interested him - a guitar!  Could it get any better?
Apparently it could as then he found a Herman-sized guitar!
 Maybe he was born to be a hippie-rock-guitarist as he even has the flowery guitar-strap and colourful headband to complete the look!

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