Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stanley goes to Turkey

Stanley on the tourist trail in Istanbul.
He marvels at the workmanship.
He wonders what food is on offer as he's feeling peckish.
The vendor can't hear what Stanley is saying so picks him up. Stanley is not amused.
Something is lost in translation and Stanley gets dropped into his idea of hell, confined space and a bunch of kittens."Not the face, he pleads." Stanley worries that he won't survive to tell the tale.
A passerby hears his pitiful moan and tosses him into relative safety away from kitty claws. Stanley is momentarily relieved but what is he doing in a bowl ?
Will Stanley make it home ? or is he destined to a life at sea. Watch to see what lies in store for Stanley.

Thanks to Taman for documenting the trip and keeping the FTB spirit alive. Got a picture ? Send me an email and I'll share them with the family.

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