Friday, August 7, 2009

Marlene's Cruise Ship Album

There were so many photos to choose from for this post. I think they will be strong contenders for the 2010 calendar. As I explained in the newsletter my dad had had technical difficulties when it came to photographing Marlene on his overseas trips so upon learning that half the family were going on a cruise I cheekily asked Uncle Richard if he wouldn't mind taking a few snaps and I wasn't disappointed. Apparently other family members also did their part to remind him to take Marlene on their tours so thanks to Aunt's Desiree and Sooi.
Without further ado, here are a fraction of the pics.

Marlene's travel companions included some Canadians and Brits.
Marlene's mode of transport for the vacation. A rather large cruise ship.

First stop Venice. Marlene gets her first taste of living at sea.
No trip to Venice would be complete without visiting Murano where a lot of glass is made. Notice the area is under surveillance but Marlene manages to bypass security and blend with the ornaments.
This rather impressive glass sculpture is made entirely of handblown glass. Marlene is seen here hoping that the sculpture is securely anchored to something.
After all the day's activity its back to the ship for a beverage and a nap.
Stay tuned for part 2 Croatia and Greece coming soon.

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