Monday, July 27, 2009

Ivan's adventure in Big Bear

Ivan has wasted no time since his trip to Costa Rica and spent a lovely weekend in Big Bear, CA.

Ivan is relieved to see the vacancy sign at Eagle's Nest.

Ivan assumes the co-pilot position in the boat. He isn't all that helpful, seeing as he's facing the wrong way but his owners humor him.

Ivan realises that he needs to be facing outwards and assumes the responsability of sat nav reporting any obstacles. Dan meanwhile takes charge of the wheel.

Ivan hurls himself off the boat so that they can moor it. Despite his size he's a dab hand at tying knots.

Back at the Eagles Nest, Ivan befriends a miniature horse who can relate to his size issues.

The conversation is abruptly ended when an eagle swoops and mistakes Ivan for a tasty dinner. (Ivan meanwhile is terrified as he's not good with heights in the best of circumstances let alone while suspended from the beak of a giant eagle.)

Ivan has the narrowest of escapes and the eagle deciding that felt isn't all that tasty drops him in the ocean and as luck would have it he lands in the same spot he began the day in, minus the driver. It's going to be a long night..........
Thanks to Angel and Dan for keeping the FTB spirit alive and well. More FTB action from Troy, Marlene and Chauncey.

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Angelina said...

What a clever story you came up with. Your story would make for a wonderful children's book. Maybe that can be your next endeavor.