Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stanley in Amsterdam

Stanley who we last saw some months back with some stylish knitted items is back again. It's always so reassuring to hear from a furry travel buddy so a big thank you to Tamaan for her wonderful pics.

Stanley takes to the skies for his latest adventure. The journey is so quick he barely has time for a nap before he's buckling up for the landing.

Upon landing there's not a taxi in sight but what there are a lot of, are bicycles, hundreds of them Stanley can hardly stand still for a minute without placing himself in bodily danger.There's nothing for it, he hitches a ride and heads downtown in search of his accommodation.

His human cycling driver informs Stanley that he has arrived at his destination. Stanley looks around. "How can this be ? " Stanley can only see water and nothing that resembles a hotel. Maybe he thinks, I'm supposed to be on that barge. What follows next is nothing short of reckless.
He jumps......and he misses landing on the tiniest of ledges which is all that stands between him and a watery end. Overcome by the realisation that he is in a very sorry predicament, he lies there thinking negative thoughts. Not for long........

Lucky for him a hand from a passing barge scoops him up from the precarious precipice and informs him that he is just in time for dessert. Stanley needless to say perks up from his traumatic state when handed an ice cream. He is a comfort eater after all. Nothing can possibly be that bad if there's ice-cream.


Kym said...

Hi there,

Found your blog through the Etsy forum we both just posted on! You’ve got some interesting stuff here, can’t wait to read more!


Desiree B. said...

Thanks Kym, Just found yours. You are very funny! I shall be following.

Emily said...

I'm so glad this story has a happy ending, I was very worried for Stanly's health and safety there for a moment

Ashley Yazzie said...

I'll tell you what, that Stanley is a trouper. Ice cream truly heals all wounds!