Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sky - Part II

In a recent blog, Sky arrived in England and was greeted by a couple of inches of snow. Lost and disoriented she was rescued by Brenda and Constance who she in turn rescued when they fell in the snow. It was upon waking that she realized that she had left her suitcase in the snow, her beautiful one of a kind beaded suitcase. In this installment we see her venturing out to rescue it.

After a long discussion with Brenda and Constance, Sky trudges out in the snow determined to find her case. Constance lends her a peach hat to keep her warm.Fortunately it isn't long before she sees it sparkling in the distance.
She reaches the house utterly exhausted and has a little lie down. Brenda is on hand with the digestives and tea to revive her spirits.
"We thought you were very brave venturing out after we almost got lost" says Constance. "I didn't have a choice" said Sky. " Let me show you" she said.
Out of the tiny suitcase she whips out a huge velvet hat. Brenda, being fashion forward is impressed. "Ooh", coos Constance who has never seen such a beautiful hat. She starts feeling a bit awkward, what must Sky have thought when she gave her the peach hat ?
It's not long before Sky pulls out her Xmas hat and Constance grins. Brenda is less sure about that particular look, she is not a fan of novelty items.
"This is my best hat"says Sky. "My granny knitted it and I've never been separated from it, so you see I had to find the suitcase I just had to". Brenda senses she is going to have some competition on the fashion front, Constance is happy that Sky seems so down to earth as Brenda can be a little difficult at times.

We look forward to more adventures from this entertaining trio, thanks to Emily for the follow up.

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