Friday, February 13, 2009

The Arrival of Sky

As promised in the last blog, the arrival of Sky as documented by January's FTB Draw winner Emily. You may be aware that England has been getting a lot of snow lately and here's proof.I will be posting the first category buddy award nominees for Best FTB with an animal, so get your voting fingers ready. If you haven't submitted a photo already then now's the time.
Sky arrives exhausted and underdressed after her transatlantic journey. She has not seen snow before and its very cold on her bare feet.
She sees a strangely dressed man in the distance and asks for directions. The snowman however doesn't speak.
Sky gets herself in an awful pickl trying to make her way down and snags her very expensive luggage bag on a branch. She reaches for it, as she dearly loves the bag.....and everything goes dark as she tumbles to the ground fortunately she is still clutching the bag.

When she wakes up she is greeted by Brenda and Constance who upon hearing the commotion rush out to see what the fuss is all about. They find Sky lying on the ground with a very nice bag on her head. "Are you alright?" says Constance. "Yes, I think so" says Sky. "Well come on then says Brenda (who like Sky is from the States and doesn't like being out in the cold) let's get you inside."
The snow starts to fall again and its hard work walking through it. They each get stuck several times and have to pull each other out. Brenda is muttering and moaning. Constance is shivering and trying to be brave. Sky is just happy to have company and is enjoying the novelty of the snow.
"I can't go on, we're lost" says Brenda. "That's it,we're going to die." (Brenda is prone to being overly dramatic in times of crisis). Constance trips and falls over Brenda. Sky is the only one left to rally the troops. "Come on guy's, you can't quit on me. I've only just arrived. I think I see the house". says Sky. Brenda and Constance peer up and slowly get to their feet.
Tired and hungry, they bundle into the house.
Brenda is a little embarrassed by her earlier outburst and decides to make amends. " I'll put on some tea, she says after tucking Sky into bed. Constance shifts a little. "Don't worry, says Brenda I can manage."
Replenished by some well earned digestives and tea, the girls get to know one another. Sky upon waking and reaching for some moisturizer realizes she hasn't got her bag! She daren't say anything as it is still snowing but inside she is very sad.......................... To be Continued (Hopefully)

Thanks Emily for the wonderful pictures. And just when you thought you'd got to the end. Here's another FTB in the snow Herman the German sent in by Sophy. Great snowman by the way.

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