Friday, February 13, 2009

What not to wear by Brenda and Ethel

Our fashion forward duo Ethel and Brenda are here again, this time bringing us an exclusive "What not to wear" feature to the blog. The subject of the feature is non other than Barbie who was in dire need of a makeover according to our knowledgeable duo. Coming soon, FTB's hit by snow in England and Bernard in Argentina plus voting for the Buddy awards will be here so get those entries in. Also, word on the street is that Phillip is enroute to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Brenda and Ethel get ready for an arduous day of crimping, curling, dressing and pouffing.
Oh, dear says Ethel, we really do have our work cut out today. Brenda concurs "the lace and pearl combo" are so last year.
First they tackle the hair. "So much of it.... "mutters Brenda. When her arm gives out Ethel takes over.

From plain Jane to disco diva. Barbie is unrecognizable from before. "For this look, says Ethel we wanted to make it fun". I love the boots, it really makes her legs look long" says Brenda. "That's because they are long...."mumbles Ethel. Note (Ethel's promising modelling career was quickly extinguished when she stopped growing.)

The intrepid duo ask Barbie to pick out her favourite outfit. Brenda and Ethel are speechless for once. Brenda wonders whether Barbie ever looks in a mirror.

They whisk Barbie into shape and transform her. "This is a casual going out in the evening look" says Brenda. "Notice the wide belt accentuating the waist, I think she looks splendid" says Ethel.
Brenda and Ethel can't understand the fascination for pink hair, with the purple its just too much. They confer on a suitable approach and get to work.

Hmmm, Ethel is still not convinced about the skirt, but they were on a budget. Brenda wishes she had hair to give her more height. They are happy for the moment, their work is done. Thanks to Ciara and Emily for the "What not to wear' feature.

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