Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sky, Constance and Brenda in Spain

The FTB's are back in force. So many blogs to publish. Apologies for the delay if you've emailed photos. The flip flop photo below has got to be one of my favourite FTB pics ever. I love it, so thank you Emily for your great photos. A side project which is in very early stages is Furry Travel Buddies - The Story so Far. A colour photo book in which the best photos of the last year and a half will be featured. It make take a while but that's the plan. I hope everyone had a great Summer and here's to Winter.

Constance, Brenda and Sky arrive in style ready for their holiday in Spain.

At the private pool, Brenda catches up on some tanning with SPF protection obviously. Meanwhile Constance and Sky drift aimlessly on a Boogie Board.

Sky and Constance get into an argument about holding the leash and Constance falls in while jostling for more control.
Its Brenda to the rescue, ever inventive she jet-skis on a flip flop to save Constance who is rapidly sinking.

Constance is in shock after her recent plunge, but more distressing is the damage to her hair do! Brenda knows how to get rid of frizz and sets about damage control.

The girls take a breather after the morning's crazy events and decide to stay on dry land for now.

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Beth said...

your travel buddies are so adorable! Looks like you had a great vacation!