Thursday, September 24, 2009

Marlene Part Deux Croatia and Greece

As promised this is Marlene in Greece and Croatia. As part of her cruise she stopped off at various points and here's what happened. Don't forget to check out my new blog.

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Marlene surveys the boats in Greece. So small compared to the big one she just came off.

Marlene poses for the camera in front of a scenic view. Its hard being an FTB celebrity sometimes but its her job.

The indignity of it all ! A ball lands on her sun lounger and catapaults her into the sand. It's a long climb to get back on top.

Victorious view from the Sun Lounger.

This is Marlene in Croatia. She doesn't know what these men are doing but they are taking it very seriously.

There are a lot of tourists taking photos still Marlene is clueless as to why.

Marlene takes a break and views the landscape below.

She loses track of time as she takes an unplanned nap. She is also sun burnt and isn't that her cruise ship ?

Marlene realises that she is stuck in Dubrovnik and doesn't speak the language. How will she ever get home ? TBC

Thanks to Uncle Richard for the photos.

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purplecat21 said...

loved the story, the pics are great!