Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fred gets arrested in LA

Fred is a bit of a rebel, on a recent trip to LA he indulged in a spot of road rage at the insane traffic on the 405 freeway. Upon arrival he took in some sights including the Hollywood sign and was disappointed that the hip craft market as written up in the LA times was not there and that instead there were some really overpriced cherries and a strange selection of goods.
The day was saved by a nice meal at the Microbrew, thankfully Fred didn't need I.d. However, Fred had a bit too much beer, he's only small and decided that he didn't need to wait for the interminably long walk signs and proceeded to jay walk. He was promptly arrested by the LAPD who are tough on crime and was finally let off with a fine and a warning. His owner was most distressed by the turn of events and Fred is being confined to home for now.

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